Artificial Intelligence Powered Supply Chains

Come. Let's Shape the Future of AI in Supply Chains!


If you are incredibly smart, come change the world with us.

Front-End Developer

You will be building the face of our product. You will breathe life into thoughtful creations from our UX designer and talk code with our full stack developer. If you join us, you will shape the future of predicting, understanding & mitigating global macro risks. It's not every day that you get to change the course of an entire industry and do it while helping the world understand itself better.

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Data Unicorn

The world thinks you are just another data scientist but every data aficionado you have worked with knows the difference. From data wrangling to analytics, you have wicked coding skills. But more than that, you know how to use them to see the gestalts within gestalts. We have the superpowers to connect the dots to business impact that matters; we need you for everything else.

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Don’t fit any of the other categories? No worries. We are always hunting for young, smart and incredibly driven folks. You have a passion for learning and are a hustler by default. If you can tell us your super power and what draws you to an AI startup changing the face of socio-economics, we want to hear from you.

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