Why We Are Here

Artificially Intelligent Supply Chain Software

Seldn is a next-generation AI-powered Supply Chain software that automatically predicts global disruptions. Our complexity-physics inspired machine learning algorithms learn on the massive trove of the world's data.

We are in stealth, hidden somewhere in sunny Palo Alto. But very intelligent supply chains will soon be on a beautiful cloud, right above you. Sign up for our Beta to become part of the AI revolution.

The Team

Dr. Radhika Dirks
Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Travis Dirks
Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer

David Layton
Chief Developer

Cynthia Chen
Front-End Ninja

William Wang
Design Wizard

Joseph Chen
Research Mage


Supply Chain Heads

Joshua Sommer

Aaron Vandevendor
Chief Scientist Founders Fund

Neil Lustig
CEO Sailthru